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We had an interesting day today working with an advertising company with moving a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica around for a photo/video shoot. We know this isn’t your normal transport but we figured we’d tell you a bit about it regardless.

It started with a customer calling in with an unusual request to move this Chrysler Pacifica. After talking with our transport specialist we realized they needed to basically rent a truck/trailer/driver for almost a full day. After speaking to a few drivers in the Chicago area we were able to give them a rate to pull this move off.

Most transports you don’t needed to do this way because the drivers route determines the rate for the size vehicle you’re shipping.

We have fun doing any transports but its fresh to help a customer when other companies aren’t willing to go the extra mile to find out information to is different than our normal day to day. We hope you found this useful and continue reading for more info on the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica from


Chrysler is back in the minivan game with the Pacifica. As a family hauler, safety is key; Chrysler boasts of more than 100 standard and available features including a surround-view camera, adaptive cruise control, and forward-collision alert. Stow ’n Go seats are standard; the top model has a built-in vacuum. The sole engine is a 287-hp V-6 with a 9-speed automatic; we saw 31 mpg in our real-world highway test. A hybrid comes later, with a claimed electric-only range of 30 miles.

Auto Shipping Arizona

6-8-Car-Carrier-Auto-Shipping-HUBWelcome to our helpful page with regards to auto shipping Chicago to Arizona. When Auto Shipping Chicago to Arizona its all about time of year. Currently its one of the best months to ship West to Arizona. This will help with a few things such as timing because there’s more trucks and pricing. The only thing it will hurt its it takes a day or so longer which isn’t a big deal usually.

We just shipped a few vehicles for very customer friendly rates and were very happy with the results. All vehicles range from 750.00-850.00 cars and regular size SUV’s. Typically these rates could be 150.00+ higher.

Our dispatch department thinks Auto Shipping Chicago to Arizona will stay around this rate for a month or tow, so we’re hoping this reaches you in time to save. We hope this post about auto shipping Chicago to Arizona has helped you decide. Thanks for stopping by Chicago Auto Shipping and if you need any more info on our “Auto Shipping Chicago to Arizona” page let us know.

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Chicago Auto Shipping is your local source for nationwide car transport. All of our car transports are 100% insured and door to door. Most people ask whats door to door actually mean? Well its very simple once you place your car transport you will be asked to give us a pickup and delivery address. Once those addresses are placed on our order form they are given to the driver electronically. From that point the driver will add your locations to his GPS and build his/her route. All pickup and delivery contacts will be called in advance to insure a stress free car move.

With over 10 years of nationwide auto transport services Chicago Auto Shipping powered by Patriot Auto Carriers, LLC can handle anything. We mainly work for small and large auto dealerships but also ship autos, boats & trailers for other businesses and individuals. We love building customer relationships and once you ship with us once you never look for another car shipping company. We don’t require deposits if you aren’t comfortable and for years now have had a 0% charge back ratio with our credit card processing company Carrier Swipe, LLC.  We tell you this because building trust in business is key and we know other transport companies make their living off taking deposits. NOT HERE your money is safe.

We thank you for reading we hope you ship your next vehicle with us. Have a great day

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Chicago Auto Shipping can help you with all your nationwide car shipping needs. We will arrange for a truck and trailer to pickup your vehicle(s) door to door for a great rate. All you need to do is fill out a quote form and wait for the email in your inbox. Once you receive our email click the order link and fill out the address and contact info. Now hit submit and we will find the closest most reliable transport truck to fit your needs. Chicago’s best auto shippers will help with your dealerships vehicles as well.

Most transports are picked up and delivered within a weeks time. Call today to get started 866-436-7449

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At Chicago Auto Shipping we will look at your route and find the best carrier. When you fill out a quote form it will be processed by a transport specialist not a computer so give it some time to come back to you. The price we send to you will be our basic quote and the cheapest way to ship your vehicle. We only work with the best carriers and will make your transport easy. We ship nationwide most of our transports are door to door but all are 100% insured. We hope you join our shipping family.

All shipping routes are different so if you’re looking to get more information on your shipping route visit Auto Shipping HUB and click on the route tab. Hope to hear from you good luck with your move.

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