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Chicago Auto Shipping is your local source for nationwide car transport. All of our car transports are 100% insured and door to door. Most people ask whats door to door actually mean? Well its very simple once you place your car transport you will be asked to give us a pickup and delivery address. Once those addresses are placed on our order form they are given to the driver electronically. From that point the driver will add your locations to his GPS and build his/her route. All pickup and delivery contacts will be called in advance to insure a stress free car move.

With over 10 years of nationwide auto transport services Chicago Auto Shipping powered by Patriot Auto Carriers, LLC can handle anything. We mainly work for small and large auto dealerships but also ship autos, boats & trailers for other businesses and individuals. We love building customer relationships and once you ship with us once you never look for another car shipping company. We don’t require deposits if you aren’t comfortable and for years now have had a 0% charge back ratio with our credit card processing company Carrier Swipe, LLC.  We tell you this because building trust in business is key and we know other transport companies make their living off taking deposits. NOT HERE your money is safe.

We thank you for reading we hope you ship your next vehicle with us. Have a great day