All new and used dealerships need to ship vehicles nationwide. Some dealers buy locally and some find it better to buy elsewhere. Either way Chicago Auto Shipping can help with any and all auto transports nationwide. We have been in the industry for years and our main business is geared towards your large or small auto dealership. We work with big names like Rick Case & Maroone as well as Jim’s Buy Here Pay Here car dealership. We know what it takes to be the last auto transport company you ever call.

At Chicago Auto Shipping we know all aspects of the car shipping world the dealers live by. First all the vehicles must be transported quickly because most of the time the vehicle they are shipping are already sold. Transporting a sold vehicle is hard for the dealer because he has a customer that is already paying for a vehicle that they don’t have. Another name for this type of transport is dealer to dealer or dealer trade.  Dealerships also buy used cars from auctions. There are thousands of carriers sitting at auctions right now waiting for loads. If you a dealer its best to ship south or east when its hot and North or west. Auction transports are overall more common because of the 100’s of thousands of vehicles ready to go NOW.

We hope you use Chicago Auto Shipping to ship your dealerships next transport.

Auto Auction’s

New and used car dealers usually want to use the auction that’s closest to there location to cut down on transport cost. Sometimes the dealer will find a vehicle that is located in another state and need it transported. So if your a dealer and you find a great deal for an auction vehicle and it’s too far give us a call 866-436-7449. We work nationwide with Manheim, Adesa, Brashers, IAA, Copart and many more. Thanks for your time

Also note some auto auction’s have storage charges if it’s left at the auction too long. To avoid these storage charges vehicles need to be priced to move.

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